Three Drop Miracle
Ultra Repair Concentrate Oil
The first drop of this liquid moisturizer rich in superior essential oils extends to cover the whole face. The second drop relieves tired-looking skin. The third drop provides deep protection to fight oxidation. With just three drops, you can witness the rebirth of your appearance like a newly sprung miracle.

“Nothing is more simple than greatness; indeed, to be simple is to be great.”  

                                                                                   —— Ralph Waldo Emerson.

  • {Chamomile} Chamomile from Germany. Has great effect in relieving allergy and restoring sensitive skin. Reduces redness and adjust uneven complexion. Improves swelling, black rim. Prevents facial skin aging.
  • {Rosemary} Rosemary from the Mediterranean coast. Has great convergence effect. Conditions unclean oily skin and promotes blood circulation.
  • {Bergamot} Bergamot from North America. Mildly moisturizes the skin, prevents dryness, and restores delicate skin.
  • {Rosa damascene} Rosa damascene from Anatolia. Helps to absorb dirt from the pores, softening cutin, and helps to reduce barb.
  • {Rice bran oil} Rice bran oil from Japan. Removes keratotic plugs and rough particles that block the pores.
  • {Sunflower} Sunflower from Central South part of North America. Activates skin cell peroxide, and has a strong anti-allergy effect.
  • {Wheat germ} Wheat germ from Kyushu, Japan. Increases fibroblasts, skin viability and anti-ageing capacity.
  • {White meadowfoam (Limanthes alba) } White meadowfoam (Limanthes alba) from the United States California. Prevents moisture loss and enhances skin metabolism and regeneration.
  • {Oyama magnolia} Oyama magnolia from Japan. Slows collagen degradation to maintain skin elasticity.
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