Skin on Skin
Youth Rejuvenating Bio-cellulose Mask
The Skin on Skin renewal mask is made from a material of natural bio-cellulose fibers to create the perfect fit and is infused with essential oils to exquisitely reveal shimmering, translucent skin.

“I have always felt that I am simultaneously in two places, both here and there.” 

                                              ——from Veronica's Double Life 

  • {Lu Fu root extract} Relieves skin fatigue, fades dark spots, and makes the skin refreshing and smooth.
  • {Aspen bark extract} Aspen bark extract from Europe. Increase skin elasticity and vitality. Keeps the skin tender and moist.
  • {Tilia flowers} Tilia flowers from Europe. Balances the skin, prevents allergy, and relieves fine lines. Relieves inflammation and sensitive skin under natural ingredients.
  • {Oyama magnolia} Oyama magnolia from Japan. Slows collagen degradation to maintain skin elasticity.
  • {Trailing wheel leaf} Trailing wheel leaf Lonicera caprifolium flower from North Korea. Gives the skin refreshing fragrance and makes it transparent. Relieves edema skin caused by environmental factors, giving back the fresh complexion.
  • {Hyaluronic acid} Consisting part of human skin, present in the matrix of connective tissue. Has good moisturizing effect. Widely used in high-end skin care products. Effectively relieves dry skin.
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