Two Souls in One
Amino Acids Gentle Cleansing Cream
Our scientific formula combines a natural make-up remove with a gentle cleanser from plant extracts. The two steps of this deep-cleansing formula are combined at the golden ratio, exquisitely balanced like perfect soul mates. Two Souls in One gently dissolves make-up while cleansing skin inside and out to reveal healthy, porcelain skin.

“I shall look for my one true soul mate in the sea of humanity. To find will be my fortune. 

To fail will be my fate.” (In finding, how great my fortune; in failing, how dire my fate)

                              ——Xu Zhimo, 20th century poet

  • {Algae extract} Algae extract from Southeast Asia. Continuously adjusts and balances female skin, stimulating cell activity, and tightens the skin. Natural organic protein from the sea bottom, it can prevent and improve various skin problems.
  • {French olive} French olive from the Alsace region of France. Rich in antioxidants, and alleviates skin allergies.
  • {Hyaluronic acid} Consisting part of human skin, present in the matrix of connective tissue. Has good moisturizing effect. Widely used in high-end skin care products. Effectively relieves dry skin.
  • {Extract from Anastatica (resurrection grass)} Extract from Anastatica (resurrection grass) from the Chihuahua desert in Mexico. Helps the skin retain extraordinary water lock power. Converges, softens, moisturizes the skin, and improves scar.
  • {Oyama magnolia} Oyama magnolia from Japan. Slows collagen degradation to maintain skin elasticity.
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